PE for all

Primary school teachers of Physical Education are facing growing demands for accountability while being asked to address the needs of increasingly diverse classes of students.

Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all approach does not allow teachers to adequately address those needs, leaving many frustrated and overworked as they try to make do with a curriculum that doesn’t really work.

Enter Everyone Can!: Skill Development and Assessment in Elementary Physical Education. This book and Web site package offers a wealth of information that addresses the needs of all students.

That includes those who are ready for extension activities, those who are developing typically, those who have not yet mastered the essential skills but have no disability and those who have disabilities.

Everyone Can! doesn’t separate out adapted activities; you will find these adaptations throughout the resource. In fact, the hundreds of games and activities in this ready-to-use package are highly adaptable, helping you to be inclusive and effective, regardless of a child’s skill level.

Price: £44.50 I €49.00

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