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Explore inclusion practices in physical education and sport

Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6th Edition provides you with the most up-to-date information on the subject. Several chapters have been revised to detail relevant inclusion practices and applications in both physical education and sport. The guide includes a web resource which features 26 video clips to explain health-related tests that may apply to students with disabilities. Find out more

Encouraging people with disabilities to experience physical success

Those involved in the care and development of individuals with disabilities, have both the opportunity and challenge to provide movement experiences that fit within the scope of each person’s abilities. Physical Activities In the Wheelchair and Out helps create physical activity options that encourage success by honouring the capabilities of each person under care. By suggesting ways that many familiar skills, games and activities might be performed, Physical Activities In the Wheelchair and Out offers opportunities for those with mobility challenges and disabilities to participate on their own terms. Price: £15.99 I €19.20 Find out more

PE for all

Primary school teachers of Physical Education are facing growing demands for accountability while being asked to address the needs of increasingly diverse classes of students. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all approach does not allow teachers to adequately address those needs, leaving many frustrated and overworked as they try to make do with a curriculum that doesn’t really work. Enter Everyone Can!: Skill Development and Assessment in Elementary Physical Education. This book and Web site package offers a wealth of information that addresses the needs of all students.