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If you think that skipping is a harmless activity for girls in the playground then think again.

More than 25 US Olympic teams follow former US wrestling champion Buddy Lee’s jump rope training system and this new updated version of Jump Rope Training is bigger, better and more complete than ever!

Don’t be under any illusions that this is just a book about skipping.

It features workouts to improve skill and fitness elements such as endurance, strength and power, speed, agility and balance and to get you started immediately, Jump Rope Training provides sample training programmes for more than 40 sports.

This second edition also includes the latest thinking on the rehabilitation of sport injuries and optimizing body composition for athletic performance.

So if you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level, turn to the system that the world’s top athletes have come to rely on.

Jump Rope Training is the proven approach to improving fitness and performance.

Price: £13.99 I €15.40
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