Sport & Exercise Science

Seniors in the 21st Century

Seniors in the 21st Century
Physical activity a tool for health, fitness and social integration

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic
23rd to 25th September, 2010

The central theme of the Congress will be the non-pharmacological influence of seniors’ life quality.

The 12th Congress programme will feature theoretical, applied and cross-disciplinary ageing studies as well as research findings based on the natural, behavioural, social and human scientific disciplines.

Ageing is one of the great enigmas of life and apart from birth and death, it is perhaps the only experience that every human being shares.

As ubiquitous as ageing is, no one fully understands it. Although all people age, they do so in different ways and at different rates. Some people live longer and have a higher quality of life than others.

The basis of gerontology and thus the topic of this Congress is the study of these differences, their causes and the factors that amplify or attenuate them.

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