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Studying Leisure

From both an individual and a social perspective, Dimensions of Leisure for Life guides students through the study of leisure as a multidisciplinary field.

The book uses social sciences methods and current leisure research, with examples from psychology, geography, anthropology and sociology, to study leisure behaviour.

It investigates concept of leisure, including the various ways in which it has been defined and described, the benefits associated with it, the scope of the leisure industry field and the basis for studying leisure as a social science.

It also examines impact of leisure on quality of life, health, physical activity and stress levels and overall happiness and well-being.

Students will study the social significance of leisure, including the interaction of leisure with history, contemporary society, technology, the environment, economics and politics and public policy.

They will also cover the factors that influence each individual’s leisure choices and level of involvement in leisure activities, such as awareness of local options; barriers of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status; geographic distribution of leisure spaces and maturity level and stage of development.

The text also includes access to an online student resource (OSR), which offers students additional opportunities to apply the information they’ve learned.

University is a time when students begin to grow into their adult identities and set priorities and personal goals for their lives.

Dimensions of Leisure for Life will encourage them to make leisure a part of those plans by helping them understand the role it plays in creating a positive, balanced and enjoyable life.

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