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Making games fun

Games are often taught in ways that alienate or exclude less-skilled pupils, or even worse they find the games boring because they have no say in how the games are played.

Student-Designed Games: Strategies for Promoting Creativity, Cooperation, and Skill Development helps teachers and youth leaders make games fun again.

This step-by-step guide helps students from primary school through to university design their own games and in doing so, develop tactical understanding and become more motivated to take part in activities they have helped devise.

They also feel included because they have a voice in the scoring, equipment, space and rules, all of which are limited only by available resources and their own imaginations.

Through Student-Designed Games, students discover why rules are important, work co-operatively through the creative process, solve problems and educate each other as well as their teachers.

Using games-making units, students can create new games or update existing ones within parameters set by the teacher, or use game templates to create their own unique and tactically challenging games.

The book also includes rubrics to help students understand their responsibilities during the game-making process and to judge the quality of the games they have created.

Student-Designed Games is a valuable reference for both practicing and student teachers.

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