‘Breathable food’ hard to swallow?

Tom HadfieldIn the future, you won’t eat food: you’ll breathe it. “It’s a far-out idea. But it’s obvious it’s going to happen,” says Tom Hadfield, the 27-year-old CEO of Breathable Foods.

In March, Breathable launched Le Whif, a lipstick-sized tube containing particles of food which when inhaled by mouth give a low calorie taste of chocolate for example.

The Le Whif device was invented by David Edwards, a Harvard professor who pioneered aerosol medication such as inhalable insulin. Hadfield was his pupil.

“Most students read their professor’s books,” says Hadfield. “I took it a stage further and wrote a business plan.”

“This product is just the start.” Further developments are planned and next on the Hadfield production line are breathable nutritional supplements.

via The meal inhaler: The future of breathable food.

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