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Deep Tissue Massage by Jane Johnson

Deep Tissue MassageAlthough many clients enjoy the sensation of deep tissue massage, some therapists shy away from incorporating this form of massage into their treatments through anxiety about how to apply pressure safely or believing it to require the application of a force greater than they can deliver.

Through a combination of step-by-step guidelines and over 165 colour photographs, Deep Tissue Massage describes how to use 83 compressive and stretching techniques in ways that are safe and effective for you and your clients.

You will find many of these techniques easy to apply and will quickly be able to include them as part of your practice and you will quickly recognise those techniques and treatment positions that appeal to you and discard those that you find less helpful.

Whether you are new to massage or a therapist with many years of experience, Deep Tissue Massage will be a great companion resource.

Price: £16.99 I €19.50

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