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An overview of sport management

Contemporary Sport Management, provides students with an overview of sport management by presenting extensive discussions of the foundational aspects of the profession and current topics from the field.

This thoroughly revised edition brings enhanced content to students through a new, full-colour format and an integrated online study guide.

The text also discusses the significance of sport as an international social institution and students will learn the relevance of sociological, cultural, historical, political, psychological and legal concepts to the management of sport.

They will also discover the necessary professional skills and attitudes of sport managers and ways in which the globalization of sport continues to affect all aspects of the sport management profession.

One of the top-selling textbooks in the field, the fourth edition retains many of its popular learning tools for students and also offers several key enhancements including three brand new chapters.

Reorganized into a four-part format, the fourth edition of Contemporary Sport Management offers a varied and dynamic learning package to assist readers in understanding the many opportunities and challenges in the sport management field.

From historical foundations and future directions to current issues and professional skill sets, this popular textbook continues to inform and inspire up-and-coming sport management professionals.