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Teaching Primary Gymnastics

Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

Many teachers hold the misconception that gymnastics is risky and difficult to teach in primary school settings. Whether you are a new or experienced primary school teacher, leading a class of children to safely perform all five basic gymnastic shapes can be daunting.

But author Lindsay Broomfield, an international gymnastics competitor, senior club coach and gymnastics tutor, lays to rest those misconceptions in Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics. 

Firm in the belief that gymnastics is accessible to all and is straightforward to teach, Lindsay provides clear instruction for primary teachers and club coaches, even those with little or no experience, to teach gymnastics skills.

In fact, this book and DVD package covers everything a teacher or coach needs to know and deliver. Its progressive approach builds on the basics and allows for a smooth transition for pupils entering year 7.

The package takes teachers through the five basic gymnastics shapes (stretch, tuck, star, straddle and pike) with step by step instructions and video demonstrations. Then as your pupils’ progress, the scheme builds from year to year to provide a schoolwide programme for primary gymnastics. Many primary schools throughout the UK use this to make sure their staff can safely and effectively teach appropriate gymnastic skills to pupils.

The book and DVD have been written by Lindsay Broomfield – your perfect guide to teaching gymnastics. She has been working alongside primary school teachers since 2003. As a youngster, Broomfield competed at national and international levels in artistic gymnastics. More recently, she has specialised in grassroots gymnastics through her own gymnastics club, developing children’s basic elementary skills and fitness levels alongside gymnastics-specific skills.

Broomfield is a gymnastics tutor and has delivered Teachers Awards at primary and secondary levels. She has written teaching resources for UK Gymnastics and she tutors for the delivery agency in Wiltshire, delivering TOP Gym as part of the Primary Teachers’ Continued Professional Development Programme. She is also qualified to tutor fundamentals and sports acrobatics.

Broomfield has been a part-time lecturer at the University of Winchester, delivering modules on physical development and physical education.



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