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EHFA signs partnership agreement with Human Kinetics

The European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) and Human Kinetics have signed a partnership agreement to develop and promote health and fitness educational products.

The main aim of the partnership is to raise the knowledge, skills and competence of the exercise professionals by producing high-quality educational materials and books to EHFA standards.

Human Kinetics Europe’s Managing Director, Sara Cooper said of the partnership “We have worked very hard to secure this agreement and look forward to working with such a prestigeous and professional organization”.

Harm Tegelaars, president of the EHFA, said, “We are very excited about this fantastic partnership with the leading publisher in the world, which will offer more and better tools and resources for the exercise professionals in our industry. Talented and passionate people who are properly educated and qualified are the key to further professionalization, and Human Kinetics is bringing to EHFA real expertise to support their development and education.”

Prof. Alfonso Jiménez, EHFA’s Standards Council chairman, said, “Human Kinetics is the perfect partner to help EHFA expand and consolidate the value of the EHFA standards. Human Kinetics provides high-quality, evidence-based, and job-purposed textbooks as well as educational materials based on the application of the industry-agreed EHFA standards.”

Based in Brussels, with a membership base of almost 10,000 facilities, EHFA is a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of the European health and fitness sector at the EU level. Its objective is “More people, more active, more often.”

EHFA is also a standards-setting body and promotes best practices in instruction and training to help combat the inactivity and obesity challenges spreading across Europe.

The sector has more than 40 000 facilities, 390 000 exercise professionals across Europe, as well as national associations, operators, suppliers, training providers, and other stakeholders.

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