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The National Sports Conference 2011

National Sports Conference
Aston Business School Conference Centre, Birmingham

Thursday 23rd June to Friday 24th June, 2011

British Colleges Sport (BCS) and Association of Colleges (AoC) are once again jointly hosting the National Sports Conference, supported by Sport England.

This year’s event will see the launch of the new National Sports Strategy for Colleges, as well as focusing on vital issues such as Sport England and Youth Sport Trust Policy for FE, School Games and reductions in entitlement funding and FESCo funding.

There will be a strong programme of keynote addresses, interactive workshops, informative seminars and quick update sessions, covering a whole range or relevant topics.

If you are a Head of Sport or a Practitioner working in Sport, the organisers promise you will gain a better understanding of how the national strategy will in future be delivered through a working partnership between BCS and AoC, new regional strategic groups and links to County Sport Partnerships at sub regional level.

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