United marketing boss developed blood clot from over exercising

Doctors told Danielle Yallop, a marketing boss at Manchester United, that her potentially fatal blood clot had been triggered by going to the gym too often.

She had to have emergency surgery to remove a rib after being struck down by a deep vein thrombosis, a condition most often associated with long-haul flights.

Danielle, who works out up to five times a week, was stunned when doctors blamed her fitness regime. She said: “I’ve always been a fit person and have never had any problems like this before and never imagined it would be caused by the gym.”

Experts say Danielle is just one of a surge in cases involving previously fit and healthy young men and women in Greater Manchester. They believe more patients are falling sick because of overdoing it at the gym – with their bodies unable to cope with the stresses of strenuous exercise.

Source: Manchester Evening News

One thought on “United marketing boss developed blood clot from over exercising

  1. It is a big difference to exercise for sports performance or exercise for… being “fit”.
    The criterion for “fit” is too dodgy and the competence level on health-related exercise is just simply not enough out there in the gyms. There is a lot of truly admirable enthusiasm and passion, but mostly often there is a “the more the better” believe. And this believe has nothing to do with health…

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