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The techniques of soft tissue release

Soft Tissue ReleaseRather than focus on the specific purposes of soft tissue release, this book provides basic information about the therapy and prepares readers to perform the techniques.

The result is a text that professionals and students in massage therapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy will find invaluable.

Soft Tissue Release is a clear, concise and practical guide to understanding and applying the three types of soft tissue release: Passive – clients do not help, Active Assisted – clients and therapists work together, Active – clients do it on their own.

Soft Tissue Release thoroughly explains the differences between the three types of STR by providing step-by-step descriptions on performing each, type along with the key holds, moves and stances applicable to various muscles.

The descriptions are accompanied by handy reference charts indicating the types of clients and situations in which each technique is particularly useful. Complete instructions explain how to apply STR to various parts of the body, the trunk, the lower limbs and the upper limbs, and detail the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Numerous full-colour photographs depict the locks and stretches.

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