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National youth dance company to be set up

A national youth dance company is to be set up, in response to a review of cultural education in England.

The government-commissioned review by Classic FM’s Darren Henley says it wants dance to be seen as a subject in its own right, rather than as a subsidiary to PE.

Among the recommendations it makes is for a national youth dance company to be formed and the government says that this will be created, with places for 30 teenagers each year.

Mr Henley’s report acknowledged that there was a “good deal of concern” about the future of arts subjects in the curriculum.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said high culture must not be “only for the privileged few”.

The review also warned that an “overemphasis on repetitive and costly” criminal records checks could discourage the involvement of artists and musicians in supporting the arts in schools.

The review by Mr Henley, managing director of the Classic FM radio station, recommends that all children should have an entitlement to receive a set amount of cultural education during their years in school.

Source: BBC News