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Partnering between sports bodies and the private sector

With resources for not-for-profit public sector organizations proving increasingly scarce, partnerships with the private sector are becoming progressively more important to the growth and support of non-profit organisations.

Frequently, private sector organisations are seeking to support charities and other physical activity, health and sport organisations to gain the valuable and unique links to potential markets and brand associations that such arrangements bring.

Public-Private Partnerships in Physical Activity and Sport is an ideal guide for not-for-profit, charity and sport organisations seeking advice on how to develop and maintain strategic and responsible relationships with corporate partners.

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  1. Gil O. French says

    Government Involvement in NZ Sport – Sport Policy: a Cautionary TaleGovernment involvement in New Zealand sport spans over 70 years from provisions of the Physical Welfare Act in 1937 to current provisions of the Sport and Recreation Act 2002. Thousands of volunteers in non-profit organisations continue to underpin New Zealand’s sport system. Governments frequently use the rhetoric of community cohesion, national pride, life skills and public health benefits to justify its involvement. This thesis examines the impact of government intervention on the sport sector, its funding paradigms and the extent of sector engagement in a policy for sport. Hugh Lawrence, The University of Waikato,2008.

  2. Elijah U. Mendoza says

    Why do we consider his input as priceless? Prof. Jean Camy has not only contributed as a sociologist observing and analysing sport activities and organisations for forty years, as a “specialist” in human resource management in sport organisations but he also has strong practical experience of governance having chaired several French and European non-profit sport-related organisations. A mix of expertise, skills and competencies that simply bring us to the next level!

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