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Pocket guide to human anatomy

Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards offer students and professionals a convenient way to learn the configurations and actions of musculoskeletal systems.

Unlike other anatomy flashcards that offer only anatomical illustrations, this set covers all musculoskeletal structures and movements.

The 200 cards are broken down into 10 sections: shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, elbow joint complex, wrist and hand joints, neck and atlanto-occipital joints, back-spinal joints, abdominal and respiratory area, pelvic girdle and hip joint, knee joint, and ankle and foot joints.

Each section begins with review cards showing the muscles acting on, joints of, and joint movements of that section.

Anatomy & Kinesiology Flashcards also include cards featuring key abbreviations, definitions of anatomical directional terminology, classification of joints, general anatomical movement terms and planes and axes of rotation for quick reference.

The cards are hole-punched in the top right hand corner and held together with a large key ring-type holder so they can be easily transported and readily accessed. Individual sections can also be removed and held on a second, smaller key ring.

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