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Personal trainer prosecuted for unlicenced sessions

Alexis Baron CohenA personal fitness trainer is to be prosecuted for carrying out sessions in one of London’s royal parks without a licence.

Alexis Ajavon Baron Cohen, 43, is one of the first coaches to be taken to court for such an offence in a case that has been brought by The Royal Parks agency following a training session on Primrose Hill.

Today he said he was being treated “like a criminal” and vowed to fight the case, which is due to be heard next month.

He said “London is supposed to be city of fitness after the Olympics. Yet the Royal Parks are penalising the very people who are trying to resolve the obesity crisis.

“What next? Banning running in the streets? It’s ludicrous charging people to use a piece of grass to do push-ups. I’ve been using the park for more than 10 years but am being treated as a criminal. Even the police told me it’s ridiculous.”

“The Royal Parks are effectively saying I’m using the parks as an office but I pay my taxes.”

The Royal Parks introduced fitness licences for personal trainers in January last year. These permits can cost more than £600 a year and are required for six parks including Primrose Hill, part of Regent’s Park.

The Royal Parks said its fees are relatively modest, they apply to all businesses and the income is ploughed back into maintaining the parks.

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  1. John Ludlam says

    Absolutely rediculous in my opinion.They are trying to get the public fitter and healthier.What harm are these people doing!The government and local councils should be doing more to promote healthy outdoor exercise!

  2. Hans says

    That is completely out of proportion! As the man says – he pays his taxes and that should cover the ‘damages’ he do to the park when training.
    Hope he wins the case!

    All the best from Denmark

  3. Steve says

    I think the issue is why should he get away with NOT paying fees and adhering to rules that (I’m guessing) many other trainers do? What should they do, have countless wannabe trainers (who may not even be qualified!) ALL using the parks as training venues so that the grass/facilities get’s ruined for everyone else, who may not want to be around PT’s screaming at their punters?

    I bet trainers around there get paid shed loads – £50/month is not a lot for a spot like that.

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