The principles of safe dance practice

principles of safe dance

The principles of safe dance practice combine scientific evidence with practitioner wisdom promoting health, well-being and optimal performance for dancers.

What is safe dance practice?

And why are the principles of safe dance practice important? Because every dancer of every age, ability and style should be able to engage fully in the act of dancing and be encouraged to achieve their potential without risk of harm to body or mind.

Practical information on all principles of safe dance practice that is not too simplistic or complex has not always been easy to find – until now.

The first book of its kind Safe Dance Practice takes a multidisciplinary approach to the components of dancing safely, integrating principles without compromising dancers’ artistic creativity and expression.

principles of safe dance practice

With nearly 60 years of collective experience in the dance profession, the authors translate extensive research and evidence-based practice in order to present the essential principles of safe dance practice.

Benefits to Readers
The authors guide readers in these aspects:

  • Facilitating a physically and psychologically safe and supportive dance environment
  • Understanding principles of anatomy and biomechanically sound alignment
  • Implementing effective physiological preparation and progression through warm-up and cool-down protocols as well as supplementary fitness and conditioning
  • Minimising the risk of injury and understanding injury management aligned with appropriate rest and recovery strategies
  • Incorporating advice on nutrition and hydration for enhanced performance and healthy dance practice
  • Tailoring delivery to the specific needs and demographics of participants for diverse engagement with dance
  • Evaluating personal practice in order to assess and monitor effective application of the principles

Watch a webinar on the principles of safe dance practice

Want to learn more about the principles of safe dance practice? Watch our Safe Dance Practice Webinar: Enhancing Participation completely free.

Safe Dance Practice is available to buy now from, priced at £34.99.

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