Study reveals drop in children’s fitness levels during the summer months

New research has suggested that the fitness levels of UK schoolchildren are being decreased by their ‘lazy summer holidays’.

This information came from a study carried out by the UKActive Research Institute. The study involved over 400 children from schools in Camden and Islington as part of the ‘My Personal Best Challenge’, developed by Premier Sport. It found that British schoolchildren’s fitness levels dropped by 80% during the holidays.

More than 400 children took part in the experiment and were found to have experienced a dramatic change in their fitness levels after the summer break, including an increase in their BMI.

Following the study, the authors have called for the government to help children and parents to be more active throughout the summer. Suggesting their promised £500m cash-injection into school sport through the sugar tax should also be used to provide incentives during the summer months. 

UKActive research director and lead author Dr Steven Mann presented the findings last month at the American College of Sport Medicine conference. “The research we are presenting shows for the first time that the inactivity problem in the UK stems from an inactive summer time.

“Schools and activity providers are doing a fantastic job to increase fitness levels during term time, but the evidence shows that we need to focus our efforts on ensuring that the summer months are active months for all children.”

This new research comes after another recent study found that only half of the UK’s seven year olds were meeting the recommended daily amount of physical activity.

Source: Health Club Management

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