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Explore the importance of assessment in sport psychology

assessment in sport psychology

Gain a deeper understanding of assessment in sport psychology with this new text from Jim Taylor and a team of sport psychology experts.

Assessment in Applied Sports Psychology is a comprehensive resource that aims to provide you with insights into the assessment process. These help you build trusting relationships and effective intervention plans to address the needs of your clients or athletes.

Assessment in Sport Psychology

The book takes a unique approach to assessment in sport psychology. It goes well beyond the typical questionnaires and interviewing to provide a truly comprehensive understanding of the athlete. The text also explores the traditional use of objective inventories and subjective assessment. It also details other aspects of assessment such as:

  • Personality and clinical assessment
  • Psychophysiological measurement
  • Observation of athletes in training and competition
  • Supporting evidence from parents and coaches
  • Coaching and team effectiveness
  • Parental involvement
  • Talent identification
  • Career transition

Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology aims to provide both students and professionals with an appreciation for the wide variety of assessment strategies.

Book Structure

The guide is split into three parts. Firstly, Part 1 lays the foundations for using assessment in sport psychology, exploring various topics including science and ethics and the role of diversity in sport.

Part 2 examines the range of assessment techniques that can be used with athletes. These include mental health screenings, personality tests and interviews to name a few.

Finally, Part 3 focuses on the special topics related to assessment in sport psychology. These topics include assessment of coaches, teams and parents. As well as, injury, concussions and consultant effectiveness.

assessment in sport psychology

Assessment in Applied Sport Psychology is available to buy from for £44.99/€53.10.

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