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Physical Activity During Pregnancy: Free Webinar

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This webinar will aid understanding of physical activity during pregnancy. The webinar will describe current recommendations and evidence for physical activity during pregnancy.

Webinar Title:

You’re pregnant, are you sure you should be doing that?

Recorded on: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Should you do physical activity during pregnancy? It is a common question.

The presenter of this free webinar, Dr Hayley Mills will identify and describe the key evidence-based messages and recommendations on physical activity during pregnancy advocated by the UK Chief Medical Officers. The webinar will describe what we know about the current levels of activity within the pregnant community.

The presentation will focus primarily on sharing recent research regarding the barriers and attitudes surrounding physical activity during pregnancy.

Possible strategies, solutions and projects to address physical activity levels for pregnant women and their transition to becoming mothers will be discussed. These insights should allow more confidence and better provision of assistance for those people involved in supporting physical activity during pregnancy for mothers and their families. Strategies and solutions for increasing engagement will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

After watching this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the current recommendations for physical activity during pregnancy.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the key outcomes of being physically active during pregnancy.
  • Describe what is known about current levels of activity for this population in the UK.
  • State the key challenges for engaging women in physical activity during this time.
  • Demonstrate awareness of possible solutions for addressing physical activity levels during pregnancy.

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Presenter Profile

Physical activity during pregnancy by Dr Mills

Dr Mills alongside her collaborator Dr De Vivo has been involved in a number of projects focusing on physical activity during pregnancy.

Most recently a partnership with UK Active secured a substantial grant to develop and deliver an intervention to support physical activity maintenance during pregnancy. 

Dr Mills and Dr De Vivo have also been involved in updating the physical activity during pregnancy information on a national resource used in undergraduate teaching on health and medicine programmes across the UK.

She has also supervised three doctoral level students researching aspects of this topic area and continues to develop industry partnerships and projects to address physical activity issues during and post pregnancy.

Dr Hayley Mills is currently the Programme Director for the MSc Applied Exercise and Health Science at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Recording will be available

If you cannot make the live presentation, fear not the recording will be available on our website. If you are registered you will be sent a link to the recording, when available. Usually within 48 hours.

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