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How to build your brand as a Personal Trainer

In this post guest author FitPro discuss how to build your brand as a personal trainer both through online and offline channels. This post is the third in a four part series written by FitPro. Part one covered Is personal training the right career for you? and part two explored Which type of personal trainer are you?

FitPro will be exploring how to build a concise, targeted and successful brand that matches your style and expertise as a Personal Trainer (PT) along with ideas of inspiration for marketing, and how to represent your brand in the most effective fashion.

Find your lane

When you qualify as a Personal Trainer the best way to begin to build a successful brand is to find your lane and drive within that lane on your PT journey. By doing so it’s easier to work through the gears of branding and marketing, building up speed and momentum for your new business. 

Fear not, if you evolve and want to change your lane all you have to do is check your mirrors for new business potential, indicate the change to the new clients and manoeuvre your way into a new part of personal training.

Be the brand

The way that you present yourself, talk to your clients and others, exercise and move should all be indicative of the brand that you’re trying to create. From the language you use, to the clothing you wear, to the kit you play with should all represent the style of personal trainer that you want to become and by doing so you become a walking, talking advertisement for bespoke personal training.

Go digital

Getting your digital presence right is an effective way to funnel target clients to your door. Start by building your professional social media page. This is your instant platform that illustrates who you are and what you do. From simple quotations, to exercise tutorials and client success stories, this provides a great snapshot about who you are.

A tip from us – Think about the filters, language and music that you apply as this will say a lot about you professionally from a client perspective and aim to post at least 3 times per week.

Second, build your website as this is where people can indulge and find out much more information on your packages and pricing without making for a softer and more exclusive sales approach. It may sound daunting knowing what to put on your website, so that it remains clean, fresh and representative of your brand. Fortunately, these days there are companies that do this all for you. Active Blueprint for instance, will consult with you through the building process and do all the hard work, as well as offering advice of what content you’ll need on your site. 

Once both are up and running create a link that funnels your social media platform to your website and then on to an email or phone call with yourself. 

Build credibility

Once you are up and running digitally, try your hand at writing blogs and videoing vlogs to show off your knowledge and passion for your particular brand of fitness. Show prospective clients that you have the know-how to help them achieve their goals. Whether new or experienced you have understanding and passion that is worth sharing, so start small and build a library of information that entices new clients.

Be visible and connect

There is nothing like being in front of people, however you have to be smart and targeted with the groups that you connect with.

  • If you are a health and performance coach then why not reach out to your local Golf and Tennis clubs. These are sports played by a variety of ages and abilities, but regardless all members are looking for that edge in their game. 
  • If you’re a transformation coach think about those parents at the school fair looking to improve their waistlines and ‘muscle tone’ for the next holiday. Maybe even speak to your local beauty salons and organise a popup day.

There are plenty of unique ways to become more visible that is targeted and by doing so you’ll set your game apart from other PTs in the area.

Build a team

Build a team of like-minded health professionals around you that can help to look after your client in ways that you are unable to. This will help to build trust and respect from your client and keep your client healthy and motivated. Once you begin to refer clients to other professionals you will find that the door swings both ways and that they will also refer clients for your PT offering.

Build a package

As a personal trainer aiming to grow your business also think about adding value to your PT offering rather than deducting value through big discounts.

Having kit such as massage tools and resistance bands which you can loan to clients, performing monthly group sessions and quarterly hot-topic webinars are all great ways to show a little extra care and offer greater value for money. 

Launch party

Whether small or large aim to begin your career with the best foot forward by creating a launch strategy. Set smart targets just like you would with your clients, keep steps simple and don’t be afraid to try out creative ideas. People will notice creativity and passion and even if you don’t get a direct sale straight away your brand will be at the forefront of people’s minds when they are ready to take the leap in to personal training.

Remember regardless of the brand and style of personal trainer you want to become, for many personal training is a luxury and you should go above and beyond to treat it as such when building your PT brand.

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This blog post is part three of a series of posts where FitPro will be exploring personal training as a career path. If you found this post interesting then make sure that you check out part one – Is personal training the right career for you? and part two Which type of Personal Trainer are you? If you liked this post you may also be interested in FitPro’s blog.

This blog was authored by FitPro – the largest resource in the UK for fitness professionals offering insurance, education and support.

Header photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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