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Snowboarding tricks and techniques

 Mastering Snowboarding describes the techniques and tricks used by professional snowboarders and how to perform them. It takes boarders inside the sport and provides in-depth coverage of snowboarding equipment, including how to select and customize a board to fit individual styles and needs. Packed with the coolest tricks, expert advice and trade secrets from the pros, this full colour guide is the only resource needed in order to own the slopes. Whether you’re a recreational rider or a seasoned veteran about to drop into the halfpipe, Mastering Snowboarding is for any aspiring “King of the Slopes.” Normal Price: £16.99 I €22.10 HK Rewards Members’ Price: £13.59 I €17.68 Find out more

Hit the slopes in style

More than 2,000 ski areas in 57 countries offer fun and excitement to people of all ages, from young children to pensioners. Whether you’ve never stood on skis or you’re looking to improve your basic skills, you can depend on Alpine Skiing to help you hit the slopes in style this winter. The book introduces novice skiers to the basics of the sport, assists intermediate skiers in refining skills and advises experts in specialized situations. It also provides useful consumer, technique and safety tips, plus valuable information on travel and trip planning, such as choosing a ski area and accommodation, packing and flying with your gear. Normal Price: £15.99 I €20.80 HK Rewards Members’ Price: £12.79 I €16.64 Find out more