New edition of dance bestseller

8 May 2014, 14:20

Experiencing Dance presents a complete dance education curriculum for secondary school students with more than an introductory knowledge of dance.

The text contains more than 45 lessons, designed to help students create, perform, respond to analyse, connect and understand dance in various styles and settings.

These lessons focus on all aspects of dance, including understanding movement potential, dance science, dance forms, historical and cultural aspects of dance and career options.

Price: £30.99 I €40.30

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Teaching dance in the Primary School

6 March 2012, 11:33

Teaching Children Dance, Third Edition, enables teachers to understand the components and benefits of children’s dance.

It helps them to develop the skills required for enhancing or initiating dance as part of the physical education or arts curriculum for children of nursery and primary school age.

The updated third edition includes 31 ready-to-use lessons and includes new chapters on teaching children with disabilities and making interdisciplinary connections.

In addition, Teaching Children Dance features a bonus CD-ROM with PDFs of the learning experiences included in the text, plus additional learning experiences from previous editions.

Normal Price: £23.99 I €28.80
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £19.19 I €23.04

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Discover flexibility and increase the power to move

29 February 2012, 15:00

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery, Second Edition, shows how to use imagery, touch and movement exercises to improve co-ordination and alignment.

These exercises also help relieve tension, enhance the health of the spine and back and prevent back injury.

Over 600 imagery exercises almost 500 illustrations help readers visualize the exercises and use them to experience the biomechanical and anatomical principles that are crucial to dancers and other performing artists, Yoga and Pilates teachers and practitioners, and athletes.

Normal Price: £21.99 I €26.40
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £17.59 I €19.20

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Getting children moving

8 February 2012, 14:48

Learning Through Movement and Music gets primary and secondary school pupils moving while teaching them about their bodies, health and fitness concepts, and assessment of their fitness abilities.

The accompanying DVD contains video clips that introduce each of the 14 activities, posters that reinforce the health and fitness concepts as well as the song lyrics and assessments, which can printed off on your printer.

The activities are a great blend of movement and academic concepts and are suited for use in both PE classes and regular classrooms.

Price: £27.99 | €33.60
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Improve through improvisation

7 June 2011, 10:08

Dance Improvisations will help overcome any doubts that dancers and teachers might have with improvisation.

This practical book promotes a high level of creativity designed to stimulate innovative advances among dance students from secondary school to university.

It contains 73 individual and group activities that can be used as warm-ups, as games to stimulate creativity and choreographic tasks for creating movement material.

The concise instructions and teaching tips save valuable preparation time and are clear enough to allow more experienced students to use the book to practice unsupervised.

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Understanding the dancers’s body

15 November 2010, 11:52

The more dancers know their bodies, the more accomplished they can become.

Experiential Anatomy in Dance Technique: Eight Skeletal Explorations will help instructors develop class material that allows their students to improve their understanding of their bodies.

In doing so, they will develop their ability to make educated choices about their movements while becoming more dynamic and versatile dancers.

This DVD offers a basic understanding of human anatomy for instructors and students who have not completed any anatomy or kinesiology courses.

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The anatomy of dance

13 May 2010, 11:26

Powerful, expressive and compelling! Now you can see what it takes to be a stronger, more elegant dancer.

Featuring over 200 full-color illustrations, Dance Anatomy provides a visual depiction of the unique relationship between muscle development and aesthetic movement as never before.

It features 82 of the most effective dance, movement and performance exercises, each designed to promote perfect alignment, improved placement, proper breathing and prevention of common injuries.

In stunning detail, each accompanying illustration captures the dancer in motion and highlights the active muscles associated with each movement.

Price: £14.99 I €16.50
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Dance movement from a multidisciplinary perspective

2 February 2009, 10:50

Dance Composition: An Interrelated Arts Approach helps students investigate dance movement from a multidisciplinary perspective – something no other dance text or package provides.

It is a text for college and university students studying dance composition, improvisation and integrated arts. It is also an excellent reference source for dance, physical education, music, theatre and arts education students at secondary school level.

This interactive package contains a book, music CD, and companion Web site with these features:

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