Energy in motion – Advanced holistic strategies for power, effort, precision in classical & contemporary dance – Free webinar

In January 2018 we were joined by expert dance coach Clare Guss-West for a free webinar on ‘Energy in Motion’.

This webinar was recorded live on 17/01/18. To view the free recording please sign in or create an account at

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About the webinar

‘Energy in Motion’ translates the ‘inner’ energy work of somatic practice Chi Kung and TCM. Supported by the latest human movement and sports science research of Gabriele Wulf, Phd in ‘attentional focus’ and ‘optimal’ learning, into complementary practical tools.

This webinar provides a systematic approach to the ‘inner’ work of ballet and contemporary dance for professional dancers, teachers, dance educators, trainers and therapists.

Focus and energy techniques are presented and their relevance and application to technical and artistic demands of dance training and performance are explored. This ‘inner’ work uses techniques for directed intention and attentional focus; imagery to promote effective, economic movement, minimising effort and conscious, coordinated breathing to restore stamina and power.

The webinar covers complementary focus and energy tools that can be easily integrated into a dance class. These tools aim to produce an immediate and lasting cohesive effect on performance. They also promote stamina, heightened learning, adapting and multi-tasking abilities that equip dancers for the multi-focus demands of the discipline – powerful efficient movement at the service of an external artistic intention.

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About the presenter

Dance webinarClare Guss-West specialises in bringing holistic strategies to professional dance training and artistic performance.

The former professional dancer is now a choreographer, opera director, teacher trainer, holistic health practitioner and author.

Clare teaches a ‘holistic’ approach to training for professional dancers, teachers and ballet masters. Clare’s international work brings together the fields of professional dance, opera and holistic health. Known globally she delivers work for The Royal Ballet, Houston Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Ballet de L’Opèra du Rhin, Opèra de Paris-Opèra Université and the Professional Dancer’s Postgraduate in Teaching RAD, Berlin Staatsballett.

She developed ‘dancing longevity’ and ‘Danse Senior’ teacher training, a diploma course at the University Côte d’Azur, integrating dance teachers, PTs, physiotherapists and therapists. She is also the co-founder of the European Dance & Creative Wellness’ Foundation and Dutch National Ballet.

Watch the webinar

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