Year: 2008

Daily nuts may help boost health

Adding nuts to a healthy diet may help release people from a dangerous combination of health problems. Up to 25% of people in the UK are thought to have “metabolic syndrome”, which includes obesity and high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Advertisements


‘Anti-gravity yoga’ to take off in British gyms?

A new craze could sweep British gyms over the coming months – upside-down yoga. As unlikely as it sounds, converts of ‘AntiGravity Yoga’ say the technique enables them to reach positions other exercises can’t reach, leading to a better all-round work-out. Participants use a hammock suspended from the ceiling to carry out yoga, pilates and dance moves while defying gravity. It is becoming more and more popular in America and fitness experts believe it is only a matter of time before it ‘takes off’ here. The technique was invented by gymnast and Broadway dancer Christopher Harrison, who also came up with an acrobatic fitness regime that he called ‘Cheernastics’, based on American cheerleading. Source: Daily Telegraph Read full article