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Volleyball Systems & StrategiesDiscover how to the identify the strength of your players and build a successful team around them. Volleyball Systems & Strategies is your guide to implementing the world’s top systems and strategies for consistent execution and superior team play.

With this special book and DVD, you’ll learn how to identify the offensive and defensive systems best suited to your team’s talents, in-game situations and how to counter your opponent’s style of play.

The DVD allows you to go on the court and see the game’s best serve, serve-receive, offensive and defensive systems and strategies in action. Compare each system’s advantages and limitations, then master their on-the-court execution with over 80 practice drills—complete with variations and coaching tips.

Table of Contents
* Introduction: Tactical Overview.
* Part I Serve, Transition, and Serve-Receive.
* Part II Defensive Systems.
* Part III Defensive Strategies.
* Part IV Offensive Systems.
* Part V Offensive Strategies.
* Part VI Systems, Strategies and the Team.

If you’re ready to maximise your talents, ace the competition and step up to championship play, let Volleyball Systems & Strategies be your guide to bringing home the gold.

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