Exam plans if swine flu spreads

boy-sneezeSecondary pupils taking exams this summer whose schools are disrupted by swine flu will be able to get “special consideration” in marking.

The joint body for exam boards in the UK says if pupils cannot sit papers they could receive grades based on other evidence, such as mock exams.

“Special consideration” procedures are usually applied when pupils are ill or stressed or face personal difficulties outside school, such as bereavement. This allows for up to an extra 5% being awarded to pupils who have taken papers in adverse circumstances – or it can award grades to pupils who are entirely unable to take exams.

Last year more than 300,000 exam marks were increased in England because of special consideration. If a school faced closure because of swine flu, stopping pupils taking their exams, then these procedures would come into force.

The swine flu outbreak comes as secondary school pupils across the UK approach their public exams – and in England, primary school pupils are about to take Sats tests.

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