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Cheerleading gets new governing body

Cheerleaders 2At a recent meeting held between senior representatives of the British Cheerleading Association, Scotcheer and the United Kingdom Cheerleading Association, it was agreed that a united over-arching, organisation was needed to represent UK/GB cheerleaders internationally.

This collective body, known as SportCheerGB has now been formed and is made up of representatives from the three existing organisations.

Its main purpose will be to extend governance over cheerleading in the UK/GB and provide greater representation of member cheerleaders to the relevant international sports bodies.

It is hoped that the formation of the new organisation will help the ongoing submissions being made to Sport England to have cheerleading recognised as a sport.

In order to maintain the integrity and credibility of SportCheerGB and the cheerleaders it represents, other world cheerleading organisations are being asked to advise SportCheerGB of all actual and proposed activities being organised in the UK/GB before those activities take place.

The unified federation “SportCheerGB” is now the officially recognised voice of cheerleading in Great Britain/United Kingdom and as has been ratified by all major international governing bodies such as the International All Star Federation, the International Cheer Union and the US All Star Federation.

Source: British Cheerleading Association

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