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How to coach cheerleading

Coaching Youth CheerleadingIt’s one thing to want to coach cheerleading but where do you get the knowledge and know how to do it successfully? Even if you have been a cheerleader yourself there is no guarantee that you can become an overnight coaching sensation.

Not to worry: Coaching Youth Cheerleading will help you sort out the herkies from the handsprings and provide you with the tools and knowledge to run your cheerleading squad with confidence.

Written especially for coaches of cheerleaders aged 14 and under by cheerleading heavyweights Varsity Brands and the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), Coaching Youth Cheerleading is the definitive guide for youth cheerleading coaches.

Dozens of drills, games and cheers are all supplemented by photos depicting correct form and position. Also included are introductions to techniques for performing cheers and dances, partner stunts and pyramids and jumps and tumbling routines.

In addition to the basic skills and responsibilities for cheerleading, you will gain valuable insight into general coaching concepts such as coaching philosophy, communicating with squad members and parents and preparing for the season.

You’ll also learn basic sport first aid protocols for injuries and illnesses you might encounter during practices or games. A glossary of cheerleading terms, assorted forms and checklists that you can copy for use with your own squad and 30 cheers and sidelines will help you begin building a foundation of material.

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  1. Hi!
    I am a cheerleader in high school.
    After graduating I was thinking of becoming a coach
    of the cheerleading squad I am in right now.
    Maybe this magazine could help me out!
    But this is for ages 14 so I was wondering if there is a magazine for ages for 15 and above.

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