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Nutrition for optimal performance

Sport Nutrition for Coaches is a complete resource for coaches looking to ensure their athletes achieve optimal performance through proper nutrition.

In its practical and easy-to-understand format, this text supplies coaches, personal trainers and fitness specialists with a wide range of information, including balancing nutrients, monitoring supplement use and dealing with disordered eating.

This book also contains several planning tools that can help readers to put the information and strategies to use. As one of only two nutrition books on the market geared toward coaches, this is a valuable resource for people working with athletes.

This comprehensive guide for coaches is divided into three parts:

Part I covers the basics of nutrition for athletes. It includes information on proper nutrients, hydration, supplements, and overall diet as well as eating schedules for competitive events and eating to reduce body fat or build muscle.

Part II describes how coaches should train athletes with unique circumstances, including those who follow vegan diets and athletes with eating disorders.

Part III offers coaches advice on helping their athletes plan healthy diets.

With its practical information and resources, Sport Nutrtion for Coaches is sure to guarantee coaches success in helping their athletes to be fit and healthy with proper nutrition.

Price: £18.99 I €20.90
Sport Nutrition for Coaches

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