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PE plans for under eights

Most children under the age of eight naturally love to run, hop, jump, wriggle, squiggle, skip, or tumble.

Now, with Early Steps Physical Education Curriculum: Theory and Practice for Children Under 8, you can turn that natural energy and enthusiasm into solid social learning and a lifelong love for healthy and active lifestyles.

The authors, four top international experts in physical education, help you understand ways to promote children’s learning and enhance their intrinsic motivation to be physically active.

They also present a complete physical education curriculum, including 48 lesson plans, for children up to the age of 8 and provide social interaction lesson plans, healthy behaviour lesson plans and evaluation methods.

Early Steps Physical Education Curriculum offers a ready made curriculum, well-researched information and instruction and engaging and fun games that help children develop social skills and acquire a basic knowledge of what it means to be healthy and active.

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