Free sports massage treatments

Once a year the London Massage Company runs a sports massage clinic where attendees receive a 2-hour sports massage treatment free of charge.

The British School of Osteopathy, London
24th August 2010

Treatments are carried out by their sports injuries & massage diploma students on the last days of their course, along with their tutor, Chartered Physiotherapist and noted Human Kinetics’ author, Jane Johnson.

All students are skilled in the assessment of a wide range of injuries, including those in the hand and wrist, knee, shoulder and hips and fully insured for their practice.

This year they are looking for volunteers who would like to be assessed and treated for an injury or condition that they may have.

So if you have any aches and pains from sporting activities or one or more symptoms such as tight hamstrings, stiff neck, sore elbows, weak ankles, tight calf muscles, sore shoulders or back pain then relief is at hand.

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Jane Johnson is the author of the hugely successful book Soft Tissue Release. Jane’s new book, Deep Tissue Massage will be available in the Autumn.

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