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Post run recovery – Do you need protein?

The International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism published by Human Kinetics has examined whether carbohydrate-protein ingestion influences muscle glycogen metabolism during short-term recovery from exhaustive treadmill running and subsequent exercise.

Six endurance-trained individuals underwent two trials in a randomised double-blind design, each involving an initial run-to-exhaustion at 70% VO2max (Run-1) followed by 4-hour recovery and subsequent run-to-exhaustion at 70% VO2max (Run-2).

Beverages were ingested at 30-min intervals during recovery, one group had a drink consuming carbohydrate-protein (0.8 g carbohydrate·kg body mass [BM-1]·h-1 plus 0.4 g protein·kg BM-1·h-1) this we will call CHO-P. The other had isocaloric carbohydrate (1.2 g carbohydrate·kg BM-1·h-1) which we will call CHO.

The results found that the addition of protein did not alter muscle glycogen utilisation or time to fatigue during repeated exhaustive running.

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Could you benefit from cold-water immersion?

The use of cold-water immersion (CWI) for post-exercise recovery has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. We’ve all seen the images and heard about athletes jumping in ice baths or cold water post game (just like Andy Murray after winning Wimbledon). However is it for everyone?

T3623236c00000578-3683503-image-a-41_1468177484013he International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance by Human Kinetics has recently published an article focusing specifically on why some of the current literature may show variability and disparity in the effectiveness of CWI for recovery of athletic performance by examining the body temperature and cardiovascular responses underpinning CWI and how they are related to performance benefits.

This review also examines how individual characteristics (such as physique traits), differences in water-immersion protocol (depth, duration, temperature) and exercise type (endurance vs maximal) interact with these mechanisms. Continue reading

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Free webinar – Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective


The second webinar of our four-part series with Ian Craig and The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) will be Overtraining from a Functional Health Perspective.

Date: Wednesday 8th March 2017
Time: 3 pm GMT

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Free webinar – Rocket (and Beetroot) Science: Dietary Nitrate and Exercise Performance

We are delighted to announce Rocket (and Beetroot) Science: Dietary Nitrate and Exercise Performance is now available for full playback on our website.

The webinar was presented by Professor Andrew Jones on Thursday 17th November 2016. It is part of a series of webinars brought to you in conjunction with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). BASES members can earn two CPD credits upon watching the presentation.

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The webinar provided an insight into the effect of dietary nitrates on muscle efficiency and exercise performance. There is also emerging evidence to suggest that beetroot juice may reduce resting blood pressure, which has implications for cardiovascular health.

“Since our discovery that beetroot juice has several important physiological effects, we’ve been interested in finding out in which populations and sporting events it may be most effective.”

—Professor Andrew Jones

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Getting active after a cancer diagnosis may extend life

For people diagnosed with cancer, the risk of cancer death falls as physical activity rises, according to a new analysis of more than 70 existing studies.

Researchers writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded the current World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation of moderate physical activity to combat the risk of chronic disease is correct.

The WHO recommends two and a half hours of moderate exercise per week for some health benefit and five hours of moderate exercise per week for additional benefit.

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Training plans for road runners

Renowned running authority, coach and best-selling author Pete Pfitzinger has teamed up with Philip Latter, senior writer for Running Times, to produce this essential training guide covering the most popular race distances, including the 5K, 10K and half marathon.

Faster Road Racing provides a series of easy-to-follow programmes aimed at giving runners ongoing improvements in their race performances.

It contains detailed plans for specific distances as well as expert advice on balancing training and recovery, cross-training, nutrition, tapering and training beyond the age 40.

For serious runners who compete in numerous races at different distances throughout the year, these training plans are invaluable.

Normal Price: £13.99 I €18.20
HK Rewards Price: £11.19 I €14.56

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A patients guide to a healthy heart

For people who have been diagnosed with a heart condition it is only natural that they are concerned about the future and seek reassurance and help after the initial treatment phase.

The authors of The Healthy Heart Book have combined their backgrounds and extensive experience in physiotherapy and nutrition to provide this comprehensive guide to achieving a full recovery.

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The importance of recovery programmes in sport

The recovery period is essential in maintaining athletes’ physical and psychological well-being and the pursuit of intense physical training and satisfying performances.

This new book presents techniques and modalities currently used to enhance athletes’ recovery, optimize training time and avoid overtraining.

In it readers will find proven strategies for enhancing the recovery process and learn the importance of structuring an individual and evidenced-based recovery plan for improving performance.

Appealing to a broad audience encompassing professionals, athletes, coaches, and students, this book provides a scientific base of information as well as specific elements that allow for practical application in the real world.

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