Holding back the years

It’s natural to see some loss of strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic endurance as we age.

However, today’s ageing population isn’t willing to just sit back and accept declines in their physical abilities and are looking for ways to maintain a high quality of life throughout their older years.

Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults offers a systematic approach to designing exercise programmes that will help older adults bend or straighten these curves of decline, resulting in more years of strength, vitality and independence.

With this book and DVD package provides fitness professionals will find all the tools they need to deliver a multifaceted periodized training programme aimed at enabling older adults to slow the physical decline that can accompany ageing.

It is intended as a reference for personal trainers, fitness instructors and other health and fitness professionals working with older adults. It is also a textbook for undergraduate courses in exercise and physical activity for older adults.

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Thursday, 7th April, 7.00 to 8.00 PM (BST)
Bending the Aging Curve: A Periodized Prescription for Improved Ageing
Based on his book Bending the Aging Curve, the author provides a unique look at how to address the multi-faceted needs of each individual using functional diagnoses to design targeted exercise programmes. It will also show you how to structure a periodized training programme that provides the most effective mix of work and recovery and explains Dr. Signorile’s concept of translational training as an effective tool to convert physical improvements into improvements in daily living.

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