Running Well Workshop

If you want to run faster, further and stay injury-free, or simply want to enjoy your running more, then Human Kinetics’ author Sam Murphy’s workshop is for you.

‘Running Well’ Workshop,
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre
Sunday 26th June, 2011


A mix of classroom and outdoor sessions will cover areas such as running technique and how and why to improve it, running-specific strength and core stability and what exercises work best for runners and how to do them effectively.

You will also learn how to structure and plan a training programme, what speed sessions work best for different race distance goals and the importance of mobility and flexibility.

There will be two outdoor running sessions – one in the morning (technique-focused) and one in the afternoon, but don’t if you aren’t a fast runner – everyone will work to their own level and no one will get left behind.

The workshop costs £55 and for a booking form, or more information, please contact Sam Murphy by email at, by phone on 07817 687241, or go to

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