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Top 10 posts of the year so far

As August  kicks in and we fall between academic terms what better time to reflect on what has happened over the past year and tell you, our fantastic readers, which posts have been the most popular and also let you catch up on some stories and topics you may have missed.

1. New treatment for shoulder dislocations

The shoulder is the most commonly dislocated joint in the human body… Read More

2. New magazine sorts fitness facts from fiction

Fitnorama Magazine is a new, free online magazine… Read More

3. Free Webinars

Human Kinetics has organized a rolling programme of free, online webinars which will address a variety of topics and resources relating to sports, coaching, health, fitness, nutrition, training, physical education, recreation and more… Read More

4. How effective is after burn after exercise?

There is a long-held belief that exercise can turn you into a fat-burning machine… Read More

5. Energy drinks bad for kids

Sports and energy drinks are at best unnecessary and in some cases contain substances that could be harmful to children… Read More

6. Why do Female Tennis Players Grunt?

Does the ‘tennis grunt’ serve a useful purpose, or is it simply a bit of gamesmanship designed to put off opponents? Read More

7. Fitness trends for 2011

The annual worldwide survey by the American College of Sports Medicine into fitness trends – has it proven to be correct? Read More

8. Burger, fries and a side order of statins please

Order a cheeseburger and fries and pick up a free statin tablet along with the other free condiments on offer… Read more

9. Expect to see red faces at the Tour de France

There could be a new, completely legal and rather surprising weapon in the armoury for riders aiming to shave vital seconds off their time – beetroot juice… Read More

10. Getting older needn’t mean giving up muscle strength

Not only can adults halt the loss of strength and muscle that comes with age, but they can actually reverse the process and get stronger… Read More


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