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Getting students the right books

Adopting Human Kinetics’ books as part of your course reading list will help ensure that your students develop a broader understanding of the subjects you teach.

When you know that a book is right for your students, Human Kinetics will make sure that you get that book in front of them through the various schemes that are available to lecturers and course administrators.

These have been devised to provide students with the best value for money and ensure they have the best reading resources at their fingertips.

Include Books in Tuition Fees
Give students the books they need as part of the course tuition fees. This gives students the benefit of having their own copy and lecturers the knowledge that every student has the books they need. Because the price of the books is included in the course fee, students understand that they’re getting good value for money and this can help your course stand out from the rest.

Sell directly to your Students
Sell Human Kinetics’ books direct to your students at 30% off the RRP. Selling books in lectures will encourage students to buy their own and not rely on the availability of library copies. Tutors can choose how much of the 30% saving they pass on to students but remember, they’re more likely to buy if the price is low. Unsold books can be returned for a full refund.

Road Shows
As campus bookshops have closed over the past few years, we’ve been running a series of successful road shows. Typically, our mobile bookshop will arrive at campus on the prearranged day with a range of titles, special one-off discounts, bundle deals and promotional items. Students can buy books on the day or order for later delivery free of charge.

Online Student Discounts
Many students prefer to shop-around online for their course materials, which is why we offer a generous online student discount on books, ebooks, DVDs and Posters on our website at

To discuss these options phone Charlotte Hydes on 0113 255 5665 or email


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