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Experience a typical day in an international rugby training camp

Experience a typical day in an international rugby training camp (with a few modifications of course) which will give you a full understanding of just what is required and undertaken at that level of performance support.

“Life in the Camp Performance Monitoring Workshop” with Simon Worsnop, RFU Fitness Coach and author of Rugby Games & Drills, is being held at Leeds Metroplitan University on Saturday 19th May 10am to 4pm.

It is suitable for strength and conditioning coaches, sports coaches, athletes and recreational trainees, support team members looking to learn more about olympic lifting including physiotherapists, therapists, osteopaths etc.

The day will begin with a weigh-In (camp style) followed by a wellness assessment as used by the England rugby team in their camps after which there will be the opportunity to undertake a rugby specific strength and power session in the world class lifting centre.

Following this there will be an assessment of the benefits of video analysis in an applied setting including some practical demonstrations of the technology used.

In the afternoon anaerobic and aerobic conditioning will be covered in detail as well as a practical on field work games and conditioning when agility and movement training will also be covered.

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