Coaching Volleyball at any level

Following the fantastic coverage it received during the 2012 games, interest in this exciting sport is sure to rocket and this book is suitable for players and coaches at all levels of play.

The book covers all volleyball’s positions and provides 115 team drills that reflect gameplay situations and enables players to be ready to serve, set and hit their way to victory.

This comprehensive book will help players improve their passing, setting, blocking, digging and serving skills and helps coaches plan and develop more effective team practices.

The numerous drills and comprehensive coverage will keep team motivation high, improve scoring efficiency and emphasize players’ conditioning.

Each drill includes a detailed explanation of the purpose, setup and execution, as well as variations and coaching points to help teams perform each drill properly and help coaches fix common mistakes.

Normal Price: £13.99 I €16.80
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.19 I €13.44

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