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Immediate post-Olympic upsurge in sport participation enquiries

The London 2012 Games have had an immediate impact right across the UK’s sports sector from grassroot levels right up to elite sport.

Sports clubs, swimming pools and leisure centres across the country are reporting a significant increase in people asking for advice on how to get involved in organised sport.

Sports in which Team GB achieved significant Olympic success, such as Swimming, cycling and rowing have all experienced increased interest.

Even less prominent sports such including archery, basketball and sailing have benefited from the media coverage afforded them over the past two weeks.

To support clubs and centres in capitalising on the increased interest, Sport England has launched its digital legacy service, ‘spogo’, in partnership with the Fitness Industry Association (FIA).

Spogo is designed to make it easy for consumers to find the closest facility in which they or their children can take part in a sport in which they have an interest.

Visitors to the website simply enter the sport they wish to take up and their location and they will be shown details of the facilities where those sports are available in their area

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