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Exercise will not slow ageing process

Contrary to the long-held belief, physical activity will not slow down the ageing process, according to new genetic research published in the journal PLOS Genetics

Older adults exercising 2The research by Professor Jamie Timmons and fellow scientists at Loughborough University, not only challenges the long-held belief that keeping active will automatically hold back the hands of time but highlights a new perspective on the ageing process in humans.

Professor Timmons says they now have evidence that turns many of the assumptions about ageing on their head.

He says the research shows that ‘a simple link between muscle ageing and lack of exercise is not plausible.’

He added: “When it comes to tackling ageing, the UK Centre for Ageing Research experts are advising the government that muscle ageing is caused by factors such as inactivity.

“However, when we look at the changes in human muscle with age, in both people from the UK and the USA, we do not observe physical activity altering the age-related biological changes.

“So, for some people exercise might produce good functional effects while for other people it will not stop the loss of muscle as they are unable to effectively grow muscle tissue.

In short, a simple link between muscle ageing and lack of exercise is not plausible.”

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