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Postural Assessment by Jane Johnson

Though postural assessment is a skill required by most therapists and is useful for many other health and fitness professionals, few resources offer a complete discussion of the topic to support practitioners in the task.

Written for students and practitioners of massage therapy, physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, sports medicine, athletic training and fitness instruction, Postural Assessment is a guide to determining muscular or fascial imbalance and whether that imbalance contributes to a patient’s or client’s pain or dysfunction.

Bestselling author and practising physiotherapist and sport massage therapist and instructor Jane Johnson, breaks down the complex and holistic process of assessing posture into easy-to-assimilate sections.

She begins with a discussion of ideal posture and the factors affecting posture as well as how to provide the correct environment for assessment, necessary equipment and the importance of documenting assessment findings.

She then goes on to detail procedures for executing postural assessments from standing posterior, lateral and anterior views as well as with the patient or client in a seated position.

Postural Assessment will greatly assist practitioners in learning what posture reveals about the relationships among various body parts and in determining whether such relationships cause or contribute to pain or discomfort.

As a resource for novices, Postural Assessment offers guidance in observing and identifying common postural forms and interpreting those observations.

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