Free webinar: Postural Assessment – a beginner’s guide

If you are new to postural assessment or feel you need a refresher, this webinar provides the nuts and bolts of this essential assessment skill. It covers the why, who, when and how of postural assessment. Why carry one out in the first place? For whom is it useful? When should a postural assessment be performed? What should you look for? It also answers questions such as where to start and what to do with your findings?

Wednesday 23rd October, 3.00-4.00pm BST
Presented by Jane Johnson

This webinar provides an overview of this physical assessment which will stimulate your thinking and provide some concrete steps you can take to get you started. Key features to observe in the upper body, lower body and trunk are highlighted.

Jane JohnsonThis promises to be one of our most popular webinars ever and as numbers are limited, early booking is strongly advised.

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3 thoughts on “Free webinar: Postural Assessment – a beginner’s guide

  1. Hi, I’m interested in joining the webinar. As you probably know, there is no actual good way to sit in a chair as it’s not something the body was designed to do. Squat, stand, walk and run are some of the movements our bodies were designed to do where posture plays a critical role. Will you be covering any of these? I work at a stand-up desk so interested in your views on this particularly.



  2. Wow. I should definitely join this webinar. I have a really poor posture and this might help me with fixing it.


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