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5 fitness trends to expect in 2015

HIITAt the recent IDEA World Fitness Conference in California, a number of trends were predicted to dominate the fitness industry in the following year.

With people looking to focus on fitness regimes that provide maximum results from minimum time, the top five fitness trends are listed below.

High Intensity Interval Training is expected to stay popular among gym-goers. These workouts are a combination of cardiovascular movements, calisthenics and weight training whereby participants move from one activity to the next within a span of 20 to 40 minutes, burning a lot of calories in the process.

2. Workouts for children
Due to the growing awareness on child obesity, parents are enrolling their children at gyms or doing home workouts via online videos. There are workouts specifically designed for children beginning the age of four years old and above. These are made to encourage children to adopt an active lifestyle as well as eat healthier.

3. Yoga
Yoga is one of the traditional exercises but in 2015, more men are expected to join sessions because of the various health benefits. Yoga is claimed to increase longevity, boost the immune system and improve mental health. More men are viewing yoga as being not just for women.

4. Short workouts
Putting the focus more on HIIT and recovery, shorter workouts are becoming more popular, with participants adding intensity to their workouts, while lowering total time. Many aim to get out of the gym after only 20 to 40 minutes, which boosts their focus while exercising and allowing their bodies to rest more.

5. Video workouts
Many people are preferring to stay in the office or house while working out to save time. The popularity of video or online workouts is increasing as more people do exercises in front of a big-screen TV or computer. Many would rather invest in home gym equipment and accessories than get a commercial gym membership.

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