The price of football

TurnstileThe cost of watching football in the UK has dropped or remained the same for the majority of fans, a study by the BBC has found.

The Price of Football, the largest study of its type in Europe, looked at costs at 227 clubs in 13 UK leagues.

More than 700 tickets were analysed, with 70% seeing a price freeze or reduction for the 2015-16 season.

Some 51.91% were held, 18.09% of tickets were reduced and 30% of tickets more expensive this season.

The average cost of a replica football shirt is now £42.18 for adults and £33.78 for children.

In the Premier League this rises to £49.68 and £38.42 thanks to a 4.82% increase in the average price this season.

Now in its fifth year, the study found:

  • Two-thirds of Premier League tickets were frozen or reduced in price.
  • The cheapest match-day ticket in England’s top flight now costs more than £30 on average for the first time after 11 clubs put up prices in this category.
  • The Scottish Premiership’s cheapest ticket now costs £20.17 on average after a 1.2% fall in price. This is less than England’s Championship and League One.
  • In the Welsh Premier League and Irish Premiership, fans pay less than £10 per match.
  • Tickets in the Women’s Super League in England, which saw attendances increase by 48% after the World Cup in June and July, cost less than £5.

How does your club compare? >>

Source: BBC Sport

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