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Iconic Oval Gasholder saved

W.G. Grace will have tweaked his beard at the thought of it, Jack Hobbs would have twiddled his bat pensively at it and Freddie Trueman will have used it as a sighter when steaming in at full speed.

Now, following months of uncertainty, the iconic Victorian gasholder that has been the backdrop to test cricket at The Oval for more than 130 years has received Grade II listing.

Gasholder No.1, which stands next to the world famous cricket ground in Kennington, London, will be protected for future generations following advice from Historic England.

Developments in gas storage networks meant the structure was surplus to requirements and Southern Gas had been considering whether or not to demolish it.

Designed by the eminent engineer, Sir Corbet Woodall, Gasholder No.1 was the world’s largest when it was built in 1847. It was later rebuilt in 1879 ahead of the first test match at The Oval in 1880.

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