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Free webinar – What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?

We’re happy to announce the latest webinar in our series in partnership with The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES): What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?

This webinar provides an introduction to how physiological knowledge of an athlete’s body can be used to improve functional health. Which is an essential factor in reaching peak levels of performance?​ This webinar will benefit academics, students, physiologists, sports scientists, health professionals and nutritionists.

Title: What is Integrative Sports Nutrition?
Presenter: Ian Craig MSc (Ex Phys) BSc (Nut Ther) DipCNE INLPTA (@ian_tNI on twitter)
Date: Wednesday 1st March 2017
Time: 15.00 GMT

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This webinar enables attendees to:

  • Understand a deeper and more functional way of working with food for the outcome of an athlete’s improved health.
  • Appreciate the importance of nourishing an athlete’s health systems if athletic performance is the end goal.
  • See how genetics and individuality can be woven into the clinical picture.
  • Question macronutrient ratios and nutrient timing practices required for each individual athlete.
  • Understand the term ‘conditionally ergogenic’ with respect to a particular athlete’s nutrient needs at any one time.
  • Recognise that one-size-fits-all does not work.

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About the Presenter

Ian Craig resize.jpgIan Craig is an exercise physiologist, nutritional therapist, NLP practitioner and an endurance coach.

Ian gained his BSc in Exercise Physiology from Glasgow University in his native Scotland, and his MSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina in the United States. He later extended his interests in exercise and health into a BSc in Nutritional Therapy at Middlesex University in London.

He was a competitive middle-distance runner for 20 years and is now a more leisurely runner and cyclist. Ian specialises in functional sports nutrition, a fast-evolving discipline that considers both health and performance of an athlete from an integrative health perspective. He is the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine and is conference leader of Sports Nutrition Live. Additionally, Ian runs a private nutritional therapy practice in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This is the first of 4 presentations by Ian Craig, he will also be presenting:

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