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Free webinar – A case study of an adrenally fatigued, nutrient-depleted professional athlete

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The fourth and final webinar of our series with Ian Craig and The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) will be –  A case study of an adrenally fatigued, nutrient-depleted professional athlete.

This webinar was recorded live on 29/03/17. To view the free recording please sign in or create an account at

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Through the analysis of a real world case study, this webinar will provide an understanding of how to work with an adrenally fatigued, nutrient-depleted professional athlete from the principles of functional health and sports nutrition.

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The case study discussed is a professional English boxer with whom Ian worked with over a 6-month period, as he progressed towards a world title belt.

When Ian met the boxer he soon found out that the boxer’s endocrine and immune systems were severely compromised, meaning very limited recovery and adaptation from training. Ian discusses how he identified nutritional imbalances via functional tests and a detailed case history. Having changed his diet, including some carefully chosen high-grade supplements, the fighter returned to his best shape. Not only was the boxer stronger and fitter but also more resilient, avoiding exhaustion and illness when he entered the weight taper phase.

This webinar provides academics, students, physiologists, sports scientists, health professionals and nutritionists with an understanding of how to work with an athlete from the principles of functional health and sports nutrition.

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Learning outcomes

This webinar enables attendees to:

  • Identify lifestyle, nutritional and training disruptions of the immune and endocrine systems, and whole body health.
  • See the principles of Functional Medicine/Functional Sports Nutrition in practice.
  • Understand nutritional strategies for nourishing an athlete’s immune and endocrine systems.
  • Have an improved awareness of how certain nutraceuticals (nutrition supplements) can support an athlete’s return to health and fitness.

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A case study of an adrenally fatigued, nutrient-depleted professional athlete is the 4th webinar in a series by Ian Craig for Human Kinetics, you can find out more and register for the other presentations below.

All four of Ian’s webinars will be made available for playback on our within 48 hours of the live presentation.

About the Presenter

Ian Craig resize.jpgIan Craig is an exercise physiologist, nutritional therapist, NLP practitioner and an endurance coach.

Ian gained his BSc in Exercise Physiology from Glasgow University in his native Scotland, and his MSc in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina in the United States. He later extended his interests in exercise and health into a BSc in Nutritional Therapy at Middlesex University in London.

He was a competitive middle-distance runner for 20 years and is now a more leisurely runner and cyclist. Ian specialises in functional sports nutrition, a fast-evolving discipline that considers both health and performance of an athlete from an integrative health perspective. Additionally, Ian runs a private nutritional therapy practice in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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